Superb book design from Angry Robot Books

I just had to share this wonderful book design for a trio of books from British publishers Angry Robot.  Check these out:

DeadHarvest-144dpiThis is volumes 1, 2, and 3 of “The Collector” series by Chris F. Holm, published in 2013. Yes, 2013. I’m not even sure if these books are anything I’d be interested in reading, since they’re kind of in the “urban fantasy” vein, but I’ll tell you, if I saw these on the shelf at a bookstore, I’d definitely pick them up and have a look. Someone has gone to an enormous amount of trouble to make these look like British paperbacks of a vintage of approximately, oh, 1963 — complete with artistically provided creases and dirty corners, and that oh-so-Slade artwork and layout, with perfectly kerned Helvetica type. How delightful. I don’t think it has anything to do with the contents of the volumes themselves (as in, there’s nothing involved in time traveling back to 1963-ish, as near as I can tell), but oh my goodness, someone has been very, VERY clever in designing these three books.

Oddly enough the remainder of the books from this house don’t partake of this elegant design conceit; some are fairly ordinary and one or two are quite lovely, but in a completely different direction. These, though, I loved.  Instantly-collectible classics.  And the titles are priceless!! Alpha plus plus, Angry Robot, and thank you for making my day.





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