The Tuesday Night Bloggers: Ellery Queen, Week 2

The Tuesday Club QueenA group of related bloggers who work in the general area of Golden Age Mysteries has decided to collaborate and publish a blog post every Tuesday as the Tuesday Night Bloggers. We began in the spirit of celebrating Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday anniversary. We’re now going to continue with a different Golden Age mystery writer; Tuesdays in November will be devoted to Ellery Queen.

Here they are, alphabetically:

Curtis Evans, The Passing Tramp: The Player on the Other Side (1963) by Ellery Queen

Brad Friedman, ahsweetmysteryblogChristie vs. Queen: Malice Domestic takes on the God Complex

Bev Hankins, My Reader’s BlockThe Current Favourite

Kate Jackson, crossexaminingcrimeDid Ellery Queen Ever Escape the Golden Age of Detection?

Xavier Lechard, At the Villa RoseMe and Mr. Queen

Moira Redmond, Clothes in Books: Ellery Queen:Following the Recommendations

Noah Stewart, Noah’s ArchivesEllery Queen, Broad Brand, and Continuation Works

If I’ve missed any posts, or if I become aware of later entries, I’ll add them to this post.

I’m really excited by the level of scholarship we’re seeing in these works. It’s clear that there’s a great deal of familiarity with these works and large amounts of affection for them … these pieces are suitable for both people who are already fans of EQ or who have never heard of him. Well done everyone!



2 thoughts on “The Tuesday Night Bloggers: Ellery Queen, Week 2

  1. tracybham says:

    Noah, you are scaring me away (from contributing, not reading) by noting scholarly posts. I am not putting down my intelligence at all but don’t know if I could contribute scholarly information.

    • Noah Stewart says:

      That one has been building up for a while because I’m one of the few people who likes continuation novels and I hear a lot against them. Most of what I mentioned is in Wikipedia’s article on Ellery Queen, honest. I did just spend a month talking about funky book covers LOL. Besides — everything we do at every level will start people thinking, right? Your feelings and insights are experienced and valuable, so let’s have ’em!

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