The Tuesday Night Bloggers: Rex Stout, Week 1

12435871_10206617807136697_1571551562_nA group of related bloggers who work in the general area of Golden Age Mysteries has decided to collaborate and publish a blog post every Tuesday as the Tuesday Night Bloggers. We began in the spirit of celebrating Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday anniversary. We’re now going to continue with a different Golden Age mystery writer; Tuesdays in January will be devoted to Rex Stout.

Here they are, alphabetically:

Kate Jackson, crossexaminingcrimeNero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin: A Blending of Genres

Tracy K., Bitter Tea and MysteryToo Many Cooks: Rex Stout

Jeffrey Marks, The Corpse Steps OutI Can’t Read 55

Moira Redmond, Clothes in Books: Rex Stout and Christmas

Noah Stewart, Noah’s ArchivesBook scouting Rex Stout

Helen Szamuely, Your Freedom and Ours: Was Rex Stout Right About Watson?

And we’re off, with a wide range of interests and backgrounds represented!  Again, I’ll repeat my suggestion that if you have a blog and wish to join us, just get in touch.  And if you DON’T have a blog and wish to participate, let me know and I’ll find you a blog to which you can post as a guest.  Anything on the topic of Rex Stout this month will be welcome!


5 thoughts on “The Tuesday Night Bloggers: Rex Stout, Week 1

  1. jojoal says:

    Hi Noah, I’ll contribute a post on ‘Rex Stout in UK Services Editions’ next Tuesday. All best, Al

  2. […] timing of this post is to coincide with a series of posts on Rex Stout by the Tuesday night bloggers.  Click on the link to see other posts by the […]

    • Noah Stewart says:

      I’ve provided a link to this piece in the Golden Age Detection Facebook group. Later today I’ll add this to a compendium post of all the pieces for the day and post it both on my blog and in the Facebook group. Thanks for participating!!

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