The Tuesday Night Bloggers: John Dickson Carr, Week 1

12784234_10206990403411371_1309856526_nA group of related bloggers who work in the general area of Golden Age Mysteries has decided to collaborate and publish a blog post every Tuesday as the Tuesday Night Bloggers. We began in the spirit of celebrating Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday anniversary. We’re now going to continue with a different Golden Age mystery writer each month; March, 2016 will be devoted to John Dickson Carr.

John Dickson Carr, Week 1:

Here’s this week’s posts, alphabetically:

Brad Friedman, ahsweetmysteryblog: Locked Room Tales: John Dickson Carr, The Master

Bev Hankins, My Reader’s Block: The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey

Kate Jackson, crossexaminingcrime: Comparing John Dickson Carr’s settings

JJ, The Invisible Event: An appeal to the senses in Carter Dickson’s “Blind Man’s Hood”

Moira Redmond, Clothes in Books: The Waxworks Murder

Noah Stewart, Noah’s Archives: Book scouting John Dickson Carr (Part 1)

And may I add, what a fine crop of posts this week, lots of logic and keen observation combined with in-depth knowledge (and I show you some pretty pictures LOL).  This bodes very well for the month of March!


2 thoughts on “The Tuesday Night Bloggers: John Dickson Carr, Week 1

  1. Bev Hankins says:

    The pretty pictures are always welcome, Noah! Love me some good vintage covers.

  2. Thanks for doing this Noah – really hope to contribute to week 3.

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