The Warrielaw Jewel, by Winifred Peck (1933)

unknown-1Recently I read my first of the two mysteries by Winifred Peck (Lady Peck), Arrest the Bishop? (1949). My review is found here and I really enjoyed it.

I just wanted to mention that I also acquired an e-copy of Lady Peck’s other mystery, The Warrielaw Jewel; finished it the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it also, for roughly the same reasons. The characterization is interesting, the plot … well, the puzzle is a little predictable, and I very much doubt most of my readers will be
unknownmuch troubled to figure out the basic “trick” that underlies the book, but I enjoyed the experience of watching the author tie off all the loose ends.

This volume has one of my favourite conceits of the Golden Age, the “Challenge to the Reader”. The writing is amusing and intelligent; Lady Peck is not only a keen observer of women’s clothes but everything else besides.
unknown-2Good plot, great characterization, good writing, and lots of fun. You can find the book on Amazon here, and I recommend you curl up with it soon. And when unknown-3you hit the Challenge to the Reader, see what you can come up with!


4 thoughts on “The Warrielaw Jewel, by Winifred Peck (1933)

  1. Sounds great, thanks Noah. Now to find a paper copy … 🙂

  2. JJ says:

    On Challenges to the Reader, my favourite to date is probably Rupert Penny’s from his first novel, The Talkative Policeman. It runs for a full page and is so chamring that I wonder at all these people who claim to find Penny dry and dull…

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